The Wild Life of Limericks from A to Z is not your usual ABC book! It is an award winning family oriented book that is alluring for both adults and children. One can enjoy the book's limericks as an adult, read it to children, have children read the poetry, enjoy the illustrations, compete for who can find the hidden letter first, learn from the fun facts and word definitions in the glossary, and even discover new animals. How many people have ever heard of a kudu? Children and adults return to this educational book over and over, experiencing and learning something new every time.

Features of the book:

-          A fun, captivating and educational book loved by children and adults!  A cuddle factor is designed into the book to make it especially wonderul for children to enjoy with their parents or care givers, 

-          26 fanciful, highly detailed colorful illustrations by a National Geographic  photographer, illustrator and primatologist,

-          Each illustration contains hidden alphabet letters (Where's Waldo style),

-          Fanciful limericks written by the author (the illustrations follow the limericks),

-          A glossary containing definitions of larger words found in the limericks, fun facts about each animal, and a photograph of each animal in the wild, taken by the author in 6 countries and 6 US States,

-          The locations of the hidden letters are found in a key on the last page of the book.

                                                                   This book is fun for the whole family!

$ 14.99